Headaches & Ways You Can Prevent Them

Headaches are something that are prevalent among people of all age groups. I’m sure almost everyone has experienced a headache at some point of time due to one or other reasons.

What Causes Headaches?

The exact causes for a headache are still to be identified. A headache is usually caused by pain signals sent by the brain between muscles and nerves. However, there are many reasons that can induce headaches, some of which are:

• Muscle tension. The muscles around the head and neck area tighten and can cause headaches.
• Common illnesses like fever, cold, throat infections, sinusitis, ear infections etc.
• Lifestyle is a major cause for headaches. Things like alcohol abuse, smoking, not getting enough sleep, dehydration and over medicating could contribute to this.
• Certain smells of chemicals, allergens, caffeine products, pollution etc.
• Hormonal imbalance.

How Do You Prevent Headaches?

Prevention is always better than cure and headaches are the best examples for it. Some prevention techniques include lifestyle modifications such as:

• Balanced diet
• Good sleep pattern
• Reducing stress
• Regular exercise
• Reduction in caffeine intake


A few lifestyle changes can prevent the onset of headaches and a stress free environment is vital for it’s prevention. However, if your headaches are too severe, you should consult a doctor.

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