How To Lose Weight Super Fast?

Stop eating carbs completely, cut down salt & drink loads of water.

How to gain that weight back faster?

Reintroduce carbs back into your system.

The reasoning behind that is for every gram of carb you eat your body will retain 3 grams of water.

So the weight you lose initially will be water weight 💧

There are times when stopping carbs makes sense for example – when getting ready for a photoshoot or you’re taking part in a fitness competition where you want to manipulate the water variable.

Long term Adherence is most important, when you stop carbs you can find it hard to concentrate, you may experience even headaches & maybe even constipation. That’s because carbs are a readily available source of energy in your body as opposed to protein or fats, and stopping can produce these effects.

Take away – if you’re trying to lose weight a deficit is crucial then and only then playing around with carbohydrates would have any additional effects.

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