How to stop Overeating without thinking

How it affects people

Now, let’ be clear. Eating a lot is not a bad thing, and never is. Having a healthy appetite is good and you should never starve yourself or deny yourself your favourite food with either dieting or fitness as an excuse. Commenting about other people’s food habits or lifestyle is also a no-no! You never know what people are going through emotionally and it’s not your place to judge anybody.
But what if you are looking at your own eating habits and want to make a change? Making up your mind to be fit is the easy part. Finding a good coach and then having to follow a regime to get fit is the next hard part. If you have reached this milestone, kudos!
In this journey of fitness, it is imperative to count your daily and weekly calories and stick to it. But what if you are a person who tends to overeat? How do you stop this habit so you can achieve your fitness goals?

Why do people overeat?

Everyone doesn’t overeat in the exact same way. A lot of people have their own reasons for doing it without thinking. Finding out the exact reason you overeat is important to breaking the habit.
Some people eat too much due to stress or an eating disorder. Some reasons can be purely psychological and need an expert.
Other bad lifestyle choices can lead to overeating as well. Changing the way you interact with your food on the daily can have a huge impact.
Put those distractions away – Having your phone out when you eat is not a healthy habit. You tend to overeat since you are not paying attention to your food. Put those phones, laptops and tablets away! Also, see in mind that you don’t have to finish everything on your plate if you aren’t hungry. Save the food for your next meal and quit overeating.

Don’t skip meals – Skipping meals is never going to help you or your diet. If you skip a meal and starve yourself, then you’re only going to eat up overeating your next meal or just binge eat while throwing your fitness plan out the window. This makes it so much harder to start from square one. You’re only human, so plan your diet realistically and be healthy.
Start snacking right – It’s very important to keep in mind that you should snack to keep your hunger in check throughout the day. Too much snacking is going to throw you off your plan. Don’t grab that snack when you get coffee. Avoid unhealthy snacks. Eat more fruit and berries since they are lower in calories and packed with nutrients. When you eat foods that are lower in calories when you’re snacking, you can eat more filling meals for your main course. Snack smart ya’ll!
Boredom does not equal food – Pacing around not knowing what to do should not end up with you going into the kitchen to grab a snack. Putting some effort to change this habit will really help you in your journey to your fitness goals!
Having a healthy relationship with exercise and fitness should mean having a healthy happy relationship with food. Working on eating habits instead of cutting down food is the goal to a health lifestyle.
Happy and healthy eating!

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