This is a question asked by many and to be honest I’ve wondered about the same too. All of us would love to have a chiseled well shaped face right? It’s only normal to want it and the question is how to get a chiseled face? Seeing a baby with cute, chubby cheeks is wonderful. But, as we grow up, things tend to change and a well defined jawline is something we all want.

Having face fat is a result of fat deposits around the face area, in your chin, neck, jaw and cheeks. In medical terms, it’s called ‘Moon Face’. However, losing face fat is a result of lowering overall body fat percentage. The answer to reducing face fat is that it’s not possible to reduce fat at a certain spot. There’s no such thing as spot reduction. If someone wants to lose fat in any area of their body the only thing you can do is reduce your overall fat percentage, remember that.

Reasons Behind Face Fat

We’re all different with different face shapes, sizes and structures. Some face shapes like oval or round tend to look chubbier even when they gain little weight. Of course genetics also does play a role in the kind of body we have.

However, fat storage can be in different areas depending on each individual’s body. Some people have excess fat storage on their stomach, thighs, while others may have a round face with a lean body.

Some reasons for the same are:

  • Genetics & hormones
  • Ageing
  • Alcohol
  • Thyroid
  • Poor lifestyle
  • Lack of exercise
  • Poor diet
  • General weight gain

How Do You Reduce Overall Face Fat?

Exercise On A Daily

It can be any form of exercise. Cardio, resistance training or any kind of training that you like. Training on a daily basis or getting in some form of activity on a daily basis helps burn calories and keeps you on a calorie deficit if you’re maintaining a good diet. This helps you lose weight and ultimately lose face fat too in the long run.

Reduce Alcohol Consumption

If you drink too much, that could be a reason for your weight remaining stagnant or your face fat not reducing. Keep your alcohol consumption to a minimum so that you can reduce your overall weight along with your face fat.

Get Good Sleep

Being sleep deprived can cause stress which further leads to worse things like increased appetite which causes weight gain. This also causes your metabolism to slow down which makes it even harder to lose weight. Therefore, good sleep is absolutely essential to achieving your weight loss goals as well.

Increase Fiber Content

If your food has a good amount of fiber, that keeps you satiated for a longer time thereby keeping you full. If you feel full you wouldn’t feel the need to eat more and hence, consume more calories and gain weight. Include veggies in every meal and fruits ideally sometime before a meal or after to have a good fiber intake.

Reduce Sodium Intake

If you consume sodium at levels more than the recommended amount, it could lead to bloating and swelling of the body, including the face. Therefore, avoid heavily processed foods like pickles which use too much salt.

Facial fat in most cases is a result of excessive body fat. In order to lose face fat, the approach would be to reduce overall body fat. Of course genetics does play a role in body fat distribution but at the end of the day it all comes down to how much work you put in. In almost all cases if you work towards it, you can definitely reduce your overall body fat percentage thereby reducing face fat as well. And always remember, there is no such thing as spot reduction.

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