Make Exercise A Habit!

It’s important to enjoy it!

Yes, you must have heard this logic applied to everything in your life. It’s important to enjoy studying, cooking, working and exercising. But before you brush off this age old advice, remember that exercising should not be another chore you have to get done. It should be a part of your lifestyle. And anything that isn’t enjoyable never stays in your routine for long. So start exercising in a way that you look forward to it in your day!

First thing in the morning – Yes, begin you day by exercising. It’s a good healthy way to start off your day and you will have the added bonus of feeling accomplished. Doing it first thing in the morning is not the same as fasted cardio. Fasted cardio has not been proven to have better results, therefore it is advisable to have a light snack before you begin your workout routine. 

Following a routine – Having a routine is mighty important since it makes your workout more productive and time efficient.This does not mean you should stick to the same kinds of exercises for a long time. Speak to your coach and switch up the kinds of exercises that are important for your fitness goals. 

Start small – We apply this to everything in life be it calculus or cooking. It’s important to wet your feet so your body is well adjusted to this new routine which is included in your lifestyle. Doing too much will only lead to burnout and you will quickly ditch the entire fitness program. 

Workout with your friends – For obvious reasons, you’re going to have fun! This is one of the best ways to get your daily dose of motivation which is needed to make anything a habit. Apart from the fun, this builds accountability which is required for those of us who quit quite easily. 

Something always beats nothing – It’s okay if we run out of time or don’t have the energy for working out on an occasional day. We’re only human. Be a little more understanding towards yourself and take it easy. Taking it easy does not mean you just skip! Do something lighter like taking a twenty minute walk instead of your usual routine. Don’t quit it! 

Goal Oriented – Your fitness is not a hobby but a habit. Speak to your coach about your fitness goals and make sure you are not wasting your time. Concentrate on your goal and make sure everything you do is aligned! This will get your desired results quickly, which will motivate you further! 

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