Olive oil or coconut oil?

What are the health benefits involved?

Let’s look at coconut oil

In the run for India’s healthiest cooking oil, we really should
look at the health benefits involved with cooking with coconut

  1. Easy to digest – Coconut oil contains medium chained fatty acids (MCTs) high metabolise faster. They are also comparatively easier to digest as compared to the other oils out there.
  2. Weight loss – People looking to lose weight prefer coconut oil since of how fast it is metabolized.
  3. Helps to reduce hunger pangs – Since they contain MCTs, you will feel full after eating foods cooked in coconut oil. You won’t be reaching for food immediately after, thus reducing unnecessary craving of foods.
  4. Taste – Indian food cooked in coconut oil generally taste better than the others!

Let’s look at olive oil

When purchasing olive oil, it important to keep an eye out for the various types available. Extra virgin olive oil can be used for deep frying, cooking as well as salad dressing. Pure olive oil (a little mild and more yellow) is great for cooking savoury dishes. Extra light olive oil can be used for cooking at high temperatures. The health benefits of cooking with olive oil are many!

  1. Plenty of antioxidants – Olive oil has antioxidants like polyphenol (prevents heart disease and cholesterol) and oleocanthal (an anti-inflammatory compound).
  2. All that good fat – These monounsaturated fats are extremely healthy and help reduce bad cholesterol levels in the blood. They also provide nutrients to maintain the body’s cells.
  3. Good for weight loss – Since they contain monounsaturated fats, they make you feel fuller and also act as a lubricant (no more constipation).
  4. Reduced blood sugar levels – Extra virgin olive oil reduces the after-meal blood sugar which is one of the reasons for Type 2 diabetes.

Why olive oil wins?

Choose extra virgin olive oil!

The bottom-line is that coconut oil contains a high quantity of saturated fats which isn’t really good for consumption in the long term! Even though coconuts contain medium-chain fatty acids which are considered good fats, they aren’t beneficial for your cholesterol levels. The increase in cholesterol will also lead to an increase in the risk of cardiovascular diseases.

With the studies conducted around the world, the most beneficial in terms of antimicrobial effects, antioxidants and nutrition is olive oil! It’s protective against cardiovascular diseases, diabetes, arthritis and reduces the risk against stroke, high blood pressure, blood clots and cancer!

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