Should you switch to jaggery?

Comparing sugar and jaggery

What is jaggery? Jaggery is the delicious caramel holding your peanuts together in your peanut chikki!

If for some reason you’ve never had a peanut chikki or other sweets like it – get one immediately! They’re delicious!

Sugar and jaggery are both sweetners which are made from sugarcane juice. Though they’re from the same source, their properties are very different.  

Although both are made up of sucrose, sugar is instantly absorbed into the blood and this burst of energy can be harmful to the kidneys, eyes and brain. People with diabetes should stay away from sugar. 

Jaggery on the other hand is made up of more complex long chains of sucrose. This means it takes a longer time for absorption. People with diabetics should also stay away from jaggery since it is ultimately sucrose.

Jaggery has an advantage in terms of nutrition since it contains iron and various mineral salts. Jaggery is good for patients with asthma since it is has anti-allergic properties that help to detox and cleanse the respiratory muscles! It is also great for people who suffer from constipation and helps clear the body of excess mucus.

In addition to containing high amounts of iron jaggery is also used to treat various other ailments and is considered an immunity booster. This is because jaggery contains various antioxidants that help to build your immunity. 

It is therefore clear that jaggery is a much healthier option when it comes to your daily diet! Eat those peanut chikkis!

Is jaggery good for you when you are on a fitness diet?

Unfortunately, calories are calories. 

Sugar has a high amount of calories and so does jaggery! 

Even though both contain the same amount of calories, we know that jaggery has many more health benefits and will help build your immunity! 

So how will either affect your fitness goals? It doesn’t matter which you use in you diet since the key to getting fit is following an active and healthy diet. 

Eat your peanut chikkis in moderation. Eat it without guilt and stay healthy! 

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