TGIF! But what happens to your weekend diet?

Choosing between fitness and fun

It’s all well and good during the week. You’ve been eating your oranges and are sticking to your calorie count each day. You’ve been cooking healthy and have a buddy who motivates you to continue eating healthy. You haven’t cheated and are very proud of yourself! 

And then it’s Friday.

What’s your typical Friday like? Apart from the pure joy of having an entire weekend ahead to yourself, do you also feel some dread thinking about all the binge eating you might indulge in? But hey, that would ruin all the planning and effort you put in during the week!

Don’t worry, it’s just a weekend. You deserve your fair share of fun whether you enjoy a soda or a beer. Denying yourself some fun will only breed resentment and unhappiness towards your fitness goals and you shouldn’t have that sort of a relationship with food. 

Go out with your friends, but keep some tips in mind while you’re out.

It’s still a day of the week, continue the same routine! 

Even though it’s a Saturday, follow the routine of your typical weekday so you aren’t tempted to throw all plans out the window. Stick to your breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks routine so you can keep track of your calories. If you have an evening planned and anticipate consuming a higher quantity of calories, eat foods that are healthy and lower in calorie count during the day to make up for it! 

It’s all in the calories! 

Opt for some idly sambar your Saturday morning instead of your masala dosa, and switch out your ice cream with some yogurt and fruit! Order some tasty juice instead of cola. If you want cola, make it diet! Little tricks like this will keep you healthy and full! 

Shown are some smarter choices of food for the weekend.

Instead of just opting out of eating (which is extremely unhealthy), pick a food choice that won’t throw you off your calorie goals for the day.

Making it a habit will help you stick to the routine every weekend.

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