This is a question that is asked by all of us. How do I stay active? How do I get myself to get in a workout on a daily basis and eat well to reach my fitness goals? Well, when we think about it like this it seems like a task that is quite hard to achieve. This is because we’re thinking of it as a task which is the mistake in the first place. The point of this blog is to make it easier to help you get into an active lifestyle.

Here are some ways we can have an active lifestyle and maintain it

#1 – Start with a goal in mind

Have a vision of what you’re trying to achieve. Be it to get fitter, healthier, better endurance, stamina or strength. Know what you want and develop a plan for yourself. Once you make that plan, START. The hardest part is to start. Once you start, you develop a certain momentum and this momentum keeps you going.

#2 – Set realistic timelines

Set goals with a timeline. If there is no timeline involved we as human beings generally tend to procrastinate things. We always tend to do things later instead of now. So set a goal and set a realistic timeline to it so you achieve it at your own pace and enjoy the journey of achieving it.

#3 – Focus on the present

Achieving your goal doesn’t happen overnight. It’s the consistency of your cumulative efforts on a daily basis that gives you those results. So, take things one day at a time. Make it a point to get your workout early in the day to make sure that you don’t miss it. And always, have fun while you’re at it.

#4 – Eat clean

When you’re following an active lifestyle, you will automatically want to eat better. Your body will want to reap the benefits of being active so you tend to eat foods that have a better nutritional breakdown and foods supporting your goals so that you get the best out of it.

#5 – Self rewards

After following an active lifestyle and eating well for a good amount of time, you’re sure to be craving something that makes your taste buds happy. When you feel like this, it’s okay to reward yourself every once in a while. Eat something you enjoy because it’s important to keep your mind happy in order for you to make the best out of this process. However, make sure to keep it in check so that you’re still on track with your goals.

#6 – Sleep well

Having an active lifestyle does require you to get in your rest as well. Being active and not getting your sleep in can cause you to be cranky and have mood fluctuations. So, make sure to get in your sleep to live the best life you possibly can.


Keep in mind that to achieve whatever you want to achieve it will take time. Whatever it may be, from your fitness goals to having your dream job to being what you want to be. The most important thing is to be patient with the process and trust in it. As long as you do that, it will never let you down!

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