Why Training With Intensity Is Important?

What does Training With intensity actually mean?

You must have always heard this from people, that diet is 80% and training is  30%, But  it is not quite true. Training is equally important and When it comes to building Lean muscle mass training with intensity is very Important. It means how hard you are pushing every set. How close to failure you are working.

In order to build muscles, you need to train with more intensity as it will stimulate the muscle fibres and it will help in breaking down of tissue, so that it grows and it is always recommended/advised that you should try to train close to failure.

You don’t need to hit absolute failure all the time in Workout. Always have 1-2 reps in your body left before hitting failure, that is what we call Reps in Reserve (RIR).

An example would be let’s say, you can do bicep curls for 10 kg and your maximum reps where you hit failure is 15, so now keeping 2 reps in reserve will mean hit 13 reps and keep 2, so that means, hitting 80% efforts, which is sufficient enough, and quite a lot of research also proves that 75-80% efforts is a sweet spot where we meet enough efforts and the recovery also stays in check.

Also, one another thing which you need to keep in mind while training with intensity is rest between sets. If you are training with higher intensities, make sure to have 60-180 seconds of rest between sets, take rest, drink water between sets so that you recover as well.

Hope This helps. Train hard & Train smart!

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