Workout Wear: The Definitive Guide to Men’s Gym Fashion

Fitness and Fashion, two words that, on some levels go hand in hand and on others are polar opposites. For example if one wants to get into the fashion world (especially as a model) fitness is a prerequisite you can’t get out of, whereas if you look at the vast majority of people out there no one cares about the way they dress when they workout. 

In our latest blog we take a look at 5 outfits that will help you put your best foot forward whether you’re doing a hundred burpees or getting a quick coffee post a hectic training session.

But before we get into the different styles let’s take a quick look at why you’d even need an ‘outfit’ to workout in.

Sweat-wicking and breathability: When you wear the right fabrics and materials, they wick your sweat away, keeping you cool and dry, which makes a massive difference to the way your workout will progress.

Look good to feel good: It’s a tried and tested recipe that when you dress the part you automatically get into the mental zone you need to be in.

You never know who you might run into: Imagine the scenario – you’re at the gym, getting your gains in and the girl of your dreams walks in. Now if you’re wearing a tattered t-shirt, tracks with holes in them and God forbid smelly shoes, you can be sure she’s going to stay in your dreams.

Mobility: Wearing dedicated workout clothes give you a better range of motion and allows you to move freely.

Comfort. Finally when you workout you need to be comfortable with well fitting clothes that make you feel like you want to exercise. Looking at going to the gym as an event will help you stick to your routine, and stay sharp while doing it.

So without further ado, let’s get into the 5 outfits to up your workout style game.

The Basketballer: Pair some knee-length mesh shorts with a simple white crew-neck t-shirt and a dark hoodie and matching low ankle basketball shoes, for an effortless upgrade to a very comfortable basic workout fit. Make sure your t-shirt is well fitted and is made of a light breathable fabric so you stay cool even when working up a heavy sweat.

The Boxer: The gym is one of the few places it’s universally acceptable to wear tank tops (though it does help to have massive guns). Take your tank style to the next level by mixing a dark tank with a light coloured pair of sweats and a very simple clean silhouette shoe. This look is sure to unleash your inner Rocky Balboa.

The Hiker: This look is probably the most versatile and works best if you prefer long walks or hikes to heavy lifting in the gym. Wear a polo t-shirt, a zip up jacket, joggers, and boots for a very 70s look that’s still guaranteed to look super fresh. If the weather gets hot you can always take off the jacket to stay cool. Having a backpack with a water bottle seamlessly blends in with this look and keeps you hydrated throughout the day.

The Runner: When going out for a run (either on a treadmill or in the great outdoors) wearing the right shoes is the first and most important step. Find a pair that suits your foot shape best and remember it’s worth investing in a good pair of running shoes initially.
Pair them with compression tights, a pair of grey or black shorts or joggers, a dark tee and a slim hoodie for that ultimate movie star workout look. (Oh and don’t forget your music and sunglasses to instantly up your style quotient significantly).

The All-Rounder: This look is for the person who likes a varied workout schedule from cardio to bench presses and P90X. In summer a pair of shorts that end just above the knee, in cotton or moisture-wicking fabric (Opt for dark colours to look slimmer). A white t-shirt and a pullover for a simple summer-ready workout. In Winter switch out the shorts for a pair of track pants, the light jacket to layer with  and the light T-shirt for a dark long sleeve one. For shoes go with a simple dark running shoe or a light nonmarking one.

And there you have it. 5 styles to take your workout style to the next level! Oh and always remember to please wear socks!! Happy experimenting and we hope you enjoyed this blog! See you in the next one.

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